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Take it or leave it?

Expectations, frustrations and gratifications of visitors at religious heritage sites

Faith-based (heritage) tourism is a key contributor to the economy and adds to the attractiveness of cities, villages and regions. However, religious sites are visited as heritage sites rather than religious sites and visitors expect to be treated as visitors rather... Lees meer

Putting religious heritage on the map

The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and religious heritage tourism

Europe offers a wide variety of historic and cultural tourism itineraries crossing several regions and countries and providing a living example of the rich and impressive European common heritage. The Council of Europe launched the Cultural Routes programme in 1987,... Lees meer

Power of Community Building through Social Media

supporting religious cultural heritage tourism in Europe

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, my colleagues of EuropeTour across Italy, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany and Belgium, meet several times a year to discuss & develop (Social Media) guidelines and training modules for... Lees meer