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Power of Community Building through Social Media

supporting religious cultural heritage tourism in Europe

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Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, my colleagues of EuropeTour across Italy, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany and Belgium, meet several times a year to discuss & develop (Social Media) guidelines and training modules for stakeholders in cultural tourism development. For me personally, it is a very rewarding project to be a part of, and I felt truly honoured that I was asked to speak at The FRH (Future for Religious Heritage) Biennial Conference “Tourists, Travellers & Pilgrims”.

The stakes were high – yet so interesting at the same time, “translating” our usual spiel of the importance of Social Media & Community Building to an audience of European Union, church & cultural heritage institution representatives.

Elena Paschinger:

Think outside the box: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Then go out and do it. Be the best you can be.

I shared & discussed the presentation with my friends in Canada, where I was still travelling at the time, pulling in feedback & video material from my trusted friends at StoryTravelers and their amazing “Hymn to Jordan” video project. Key to my message, a message supported and shared by the entire industry of online influencers and community builders, is that “Social Media pans out to be flirtatious, inspirational storytelling led by digital influencers in a global market place. Key success principles include developing (business) targets, innovative thinking and a focus on achieving long-term trust relationships. All of this is embedded in the paradigm shift from cultural to creative travel.

Think outside the box: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Then go out and do it. Be the best you can be. Together with your peers and networks, you have the power to go far indeed …”

Here are the slides of my presenataion in Vicenza:

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[Editor MMNieuws:] This article is an adaptation of the autor’s presentation at the The conference ‘Tourists, Travellers and Pilgrims: Encountering Religious Heritage in Today’s Europe, november 9-11 2016 in Vicenz, Italy.
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Elena Paschinger

Creative writer, consultant op Creativelena
Elena Paschinger combines creativitiy with humour and a healthy appetite for life stories. Travelling since her early childhood to places such as Israel or North America, she started “travel writing” as early as 10 years old, launching her own website in 2012. Elena also works as a self-employed business consultant, public speaker, language trainer & translator in an international environment.

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